Effort - Respect - Fun

That pretty much sums it up. At all levels of the game, from top to bottom, beginners to experts, we are involved in the game of futsal because it is fun. That is something we must never forget. And these three words transcend everything we do at this club.

Effort – We won’t have much fun if we’re not giving it our best. As a team sport, our experience and ambitions are shared. Therefore, as a person who is fortunate enough to be a member of a team, you will be giving your best to contribute to your team's chances of success. Regardless of the score, regardless of the time, regardless of the opponent. This means we prepare, we listen, we concentrate, and we sacrifice, all for the greater cause.

Respect – Sport mirrors life, and in life, we don’t do enough to help out our fellow citizens of the world. We expect our players to show respect towards their teammates, their opponents, and the officials. So much has shown us that there are far more important things in life than sport, and it costs nothing to be nice to someone. How you treat others has nothing to do with them, and everything to do with you. We want to win both on and off the court, and help develop something bigger than futsal. Sport is a great vehicle for teaching life skills, with one of the biggest being how to deal with adversity. No matter what happens, we expect to see courteousness, empathy, and a sense of help and responsibility towards all humans, regardless of their role.

Fun – First and foremost, we all participate in the game because it is fun. We should never lose sight of that. Our first love is the ball, and it’s more fun to have it than to chase it. We want to play the kind of futsal that we enjoy watching on TV. Boring futsal doesn’t guarantee that you will get results, so imagine playing boring futsal for a whole year and still winning nothing. Let’s keep the ball, show what we can do, and have fun playing the game we love. This means showing your creative side, solving problems, using some ingenuity, taking risks, and being an active participant in a style of futsal that you would enjoy viewing as a spectator. In years to come, when we look back on our time together, we want everyone involved to be able to remember how much joy they experienced on the court. Futsal can be an escape, and it can also provide purpose. Your purpose is to be the best you can be, and to enjoy the limited time you have doing what you love.


Playing Philosophy

People are naturally competitive. As soon as they can count, they are already looking to compete against others. We want to win, of course we do, but this will never come at the expense of two things;

1. We will never lose sight of being decent human beings in the pursuit of winning.

2. We will never place results above development with young players. We want to win the game of the future more than we want to win the game of today.

Our senior teams will adapt their tactics depending upon the demands of the game in order to maximise the probability of winning the match. The below outlines what we will be expecting from our youth teams, however, there is a time and a place to go off script, and teach specific tactics to succeed in specific moments. This will always be done within the context of associated risk and reward.

Press from the Front

What? Our teams aim to win the ball as high up the field as possible, with all players playing a role in the defensive phase.

Why? To help us win the ball as quickly as possible (as close to the opposition's goal as possible) so we can exercise the three other aspects of our Style of Play.

To ensure all our players are capable in all phases of the game.

Progressive Possession

What? Keeping the ball, shifting the opposition and playing a penetrative pass at the right moment.

Why? To create players that are confident in passing and receiving the ball.

To develop players’ understanding of attacking tactical concepts. 

Attack Minded

What? To create as many goal-scoring opportunities as possible.

Why? To create innovative, exciting and creative players that dominate 1v1 situations.

To complete attacking moves with creation of goal-scoring opportunities.

Playing out from the Back

What? Starting build-up from the goalkeeper, looking to play to the feet of the closest open player.

Why? To maximize touches of the ball, and initiate our progressive possession.

To Create confident, risk-tasking players who can perform within pressure environment.

To draw out the opposition, giving space for our forwards to attack when we play through the press.