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Free Futsal Taster Sessions for Girls in Warsash

This August we will be offering free taster futsal sessions to girls going into years 3-6 at school to introduce them to the sport of futsal.

What is futsal? If you aren't aware of futsal, it's a 5v5 indoor game, with hockey sized goals, and a heavy ball. There are other differences too, but these are the main ones. The ball doesn't bounce very high and you cannot use the walls. Futsal literally means indoor football (futbol + sala).

Come to one, two, or all three sessions. Make sure to register as places are limited.

What's the point? Well not only is futsal incredibly fun, it's also excellent for the development of young footballers. It teaches the principles of play, working on creativity and decision making. The constraints of the game really aid development. The heavier ball improves ball control and the ability to manipulate it and perform skills. The reduced team numbers and court size make for an intense game where you have to think quickly to survive. The ball to player ratio means more touches and engagement than traditional outdoor football, providing more opportunities to interact and engage with the game.

Want to see futsal done well? This is the Iranian women's team.

How about some cracking goals? Here are the best goals from the men's World Cup in 2012.

If you have any questions for us, get in touch.


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