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Women's Sponsorship Raffle 2023/24

Would you like your company logo to be seen by thousands live on TV? Would you like to be a brand associated with supporting women's sport? Would you like to be given access to a strong social media presence? Sponsor the Aztecs women's team for the upcoming 2023/24 National Futsal Series season, and all this can be yours!

Running a futsal club that competes nationally requires a substantial amount of financial backing. As a club that is only two years old, we have been punching above our weight, competing on the national stage. We need your help for us to continue promoting these incredibly talented female players, and you can do this for just £50. We realise that for many businesses, hundreds and thousands may be too much to ask for, especially now when times are tough. This is why we are going to perform a raffle, allowing businesses to purchase a ticket for a chance to win an opportunity for sponsorship which would otherwise be outside of their price range.

If you'd like to enter, click on the link below, which will take you to our club shop. At the top of the page, you'll find our raffle tickets for purchase.

Check out the benefits of associating with the Aztecs below.

Sponsor Locations

In the raffle, we will draw out four different winners, with their logos being presented on the front of the shirt, on the back of the shirt, and on both sleeves.

Be Seen On TV!

For the past two years, NFS games have been broadcast on BT Sport and YouTube. BT Sport games have had a reported 60,000 viewers, while YouTube games are often between two and three thousand. If you are unaware, BT Sport is rebranding to TNT, and there is one year remaining on the NFS deal. Six regular season games, plus playoffs are scheduled to be broadcast live.

Home Games!

If you have been following the team since our inception in May 2021, you'll know we haven't yet played a competitive fixture in Southampton. We have travelled far and wide throughout England playing at central venues. The league format has changed, meaning we will be playing a series of home games, (likely twelve or more) while still travelling across the country for other matches. This means that any business associating with us will be seen both locally and nationally. We also shouldn't forget our fans abroad, with the YouTube games allowing us to build fanbases in the USA and Mexico. This could give you local, national, and international exposure!

Where is home?

Southampton Solent University. We are thrilled to be able to play home games right in the heart of Southampton. For the past two years, we've racked up the miles, either staying in cheap hotels or waking up before dawn. And now, a handful of players will be able to walk to games. Our players, staff, and fans will be very hungry after matches, with lots of suitable bars and restaurants within walking distance of the games, it presents an ideal opportunity for local businesses.

Two Teams!

We have two women's teams at Southampton Aztecs. We have a first team that competes in the top division in the country, and a reserve team that competes in the second division. With futsal being a sport similar to futsal, and with the level progressing year upon year, there is still transition time required by players coming into the sport, which is why we have created the reserve team, as a step for players to use to adjust, preparing them for the first team. We believe heavily in promoting the youth, with the idea being "if you're good enough, you're old enough."

How Many Games?

The first team will play fourteen league matches, plus the cup competition, and the playoffs should we qualify. Four of the league matches will be home games, in addition to a minimum of three cup matches. The reserve team will play fifteen league games, with six of those being at home. That's a minimum of thirty-five matches, with twelve of those being home games. We will also enter other tournaments, and arrange friendlies when there are significant gaps in the schedule.

Club of the Year!

We won the NFS 2022/23 club of the year award. Where others preach values and don't live up to them, our values make up the core of who we are as a club. Respect to teammates, opponents, and officials is a huge part of it. Travelling the country, being seen on TV, entering service stations and hotels, the Aztecs get a lot of exposure. It's important we present ourselves well and do the right thing. We are proud to have received such recognition for our conduct. Any brand associating with us is safe in the knowledge that we won't let them down.

Best Social Media Around!

The Aztecs received the award for best use of social media, so you can be assured that your brand will get exposure across multiple platforms. People's entire lives are on their phones nowadays. We have strong and growing presences on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Your brand will receive regular representation, and hit hundreds and thousands of feeds.

What Else?

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