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Coaching Resources: Welcome

Thanks to our friends at Sport Session Planner, we can animate and share coaching sessions. There is little knowledge publicly available for futsal coaches who want to improve and expand their understanding of the sport. This is why we can share much of what we create. For those interested in using Sport Session Planner themselves, check out SSP and the benefits of joining via our sponsors British Football Coaches Network.

Coaching Resources: Projects
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Session Plans

Would you like access to futsal session plans? Would you like to be able to create your own? Check out what SSP and BFCN can do for you.

Coaching Resources: About


We share some plays and restarts on our YouTube channel, using Sport Session Planner to animate them.

Coaching Resources: About


We use Tactic Lite to analyse and animate our plays to benefit player learning and aid preparation for upcoming matches.

Coaching Resources: About
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