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What is futsal?: Text
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Futsal At Your Club

Would you like some help with futsal at your club? We can help with session delivery and session planning!

  • Aztecs players and coaches can deliver one-off futsal sessions at your club.

  • Sessions can be futsal specific, or the use of futsal for football development.

  • Aztecs players and coaches can deliver a series of sessions over weeks or months.

  • Southampton Aztecs can help with the planning of futsal sessions, using our curriculum and philosophy.

  • We can come to your club and offer futsal coaching education sessions to your coaches.

Contact us at if you'd like us to be involved in futsal delivery at your club.

What is futsal?: Text

Futsal Specific

Does your club run a futsal programme during the winter or for a brief part of the season? If you would like assistance in planning and delivering these sessions, Southampton Aztecs players and coaches can come along to deliver futsal specific sessions. These can be for any age or ability groups, as futsal is for everybody. The sessions can be a one-off, or they can be over several weeks or months. It's entirely down to you!

We will use our curriculum and philosophy to teach futsal techniques and tactics, using our session structures that we use in our own club sessions. These would include ball mastery, 1v1 and other small sided formats, rondos, training exercises, conditioned games, and matches played with the proper futsal laws of the game.

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Futsal for Football

If you feel the players on your football team would benefit from some futsal training, then Aztecs players and coaches can come out to your club with some futsal balls and deliver a session. Futsal provides excellent benefits for the development of footballers, at any age or ability level. We can coach some of the concepts that transfer best from futsal to football, improving your players' decision making, speed of thought, first touch, ability to play in tight spaces, dribbling, creativity, game understanding, and their ingenuity at set-pieces.

Whether you would like us for one session or for a series of sessions is up to you. Futsal is great entertainment as a one-off to try something different and lift morale. Futsal is great to use in pre-season to work on fitness due to the demands of the game. Futsal is also a great tool for development that can be incorporated into your football sessions throughout the entire season. It's so much fun, and your players will improve.

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Coach Education

Would you like some help with developing the knowledge base of the coaches at your club? Southampton Aztecs players and coaches can come to your club and help demonstrate the benefits of futsal. We can show the best coaching ideas and practices, demonstrating a range of practice types, with futsal specific techniques and tactics. We can show you elements of our curriculum and coaching philosophy and help with your coach's understanding of the game.

We can run one-off CPD, presentations, and practical sessions to your team of coaching staff. Just contact us to let us know your needs and we'd be happy to help.

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