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Southampton Aztecs Academy

We are building academy teams for boys and girls in the Southampton area. We want to make futsal a more prominent sport in England, and develop a pathway from youth to senior competition.

These teams will operate in two-year age bands; U16, U14, U12, and U10, and we will make a commitment to the player that they are in the team for the season. If you want to get involved, fill out the form below.

What will academy teams receive?

  • Futsal specific training.

  • Sessions run by qualified futsal coaches.

  • Training following our bespoke training curriculum.

  • Regular competitive schedule of games.

  • Match kit and training kit.

We have a one year guarantee. This means that we will not cut or replace players within a season. Trials will be held each summer. When you sign for the Aztecs, you put your faith in us. We make a commitment to the player, because we understand that development is non-linear. Players experience peaks and troughs in performance, and are more likely to grow in an environment of safety and trust.



Our training session exercises are game based. We base much of it on a concept called teaching games for understanding (TGFU). This involves competition, direction, opposition, gamification, realism, and much autonomy.

We believe you get good at what you do. When piano players make mistakes, the coach doesn't make them run ten laps around the piano. Futsal is all about decision making. As coaches, we show players where to look, without telling them what to see.

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