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Development Centres

Who is this for? We will establish sessions at different times and locations in the area for players seeking futsal training. These sessions will use futsal to enhance your football development.

These are once-weekly sessions, run by qualified futsal coaches, in groups that are bunched by age. As this is training only, there will be no scheduled games.

What will
PLAYERS receive?

  • Futsal specific training.

  • Sessions are run by qualified futsal coaches.

  • Training following our bespoke training curriculum


Perhaps players can't or don't want to commit to a futsal team, but would still like to benefit from the training futsal offers. Development centre sessions are perfect!



Our training session exercises are game based. We base much of it on a concept called teaching games for understanding (TGFU). This involves competition, direction, opposition, gamification, realism, and much autonomy.

We believe you get good at what you do. When piano players make mistakes, the coach doesn't make them run ten laps around the piano. Futsal is all about decision making. As coaches, we show players where to look, without telling them what to see.

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