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What is futsal?: Text
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Futsal At Your School

Futsal is a highly entertaining sport that can be enjoyed by anyone. If you have a school hall or a flat concrete playground, we can come to your school and deliver futsal sessions. This could be both during school hours and via after school clubs. Futsal is for players of any age and ability, so we can come in and delivery to any year group.

  • Aztecs players and coaches can deliver one-off futsal sessions at your club.

  • Sessions can be futsal specific, or the use of futsal for football development.

  • Aztecs players and coaches can deliver a series of sessions over weeks or months.

  • Southampton Aztecs can help with the planning of futsal sessions, using our curriculum and philosophy.

  • We can come to your school and offer futsal coaching education sessions to your teachers.

Contact us at if you'd like us to be involved in futsal delivery at your school.

What is futsal?: Text

Just Play

Futsal is typically played indoors, but can be played outdoor too, providing the surface is hard and flat. Being a 5v5 format, futsal doesn't require much space, meaning it is easier to implement in many schools than most sports.

A just play session is simply that. After a long day of school, many kids will want to just run around and play, often with as little instruction as possible. For just play sessions, we pick teams and play matches. Futsal can be viewed like a codified version of street football. With unstructured and unsupervised play time for kids decreasing year on year, we can combat that with just play sessions. The greatest players in history honed their skills in the parks, playgrounds, and streets of yesteryear. It gave them the freedom to develop creativity and independence, which in turn appealed to their intrinsic motivation, growing the drive and love of the game required to become lifelong players and fans.

A coach at a Just Play session would act as first aider and referee, supervising matches between the children. We'd be more than happy to come to your school and offer three free weeks of just play sessions to show you how much fun it could be.

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School Development Centres

If you feel your students would benefit from more structured training, we can offer training sessions at your school. These can run for half-term, full-term, or the entire school year. During these after school sessions, players will work on their dribbling skills, their ball mastery, decision making, and learn lots of the techniques and tactics of futsal.

We would teach using the Southampton Aztecs philosophy, and coach content from our Southampton Aztecs curriculum. 


Sample Futsal During PE Lessons

Are you running sports sampling weeks at your school? Would you like your students to be exposed to new and interesting sports in their classes? We can send Aztecs coaches and players to your school to introduce students to futsal during PE lessons, and will be more than happy to work on the basics, helping students to see the benefits of this fun, fast-paced, high scoring, skilful sport.

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Futsal Education for Teachers

Would you like to run futsal yourself at your school but need someone to show you the ropes? Would you like some help with developing the knowledge base of the staff at your school? Southampton Aztecs players and coaches can come to your school and help demonstrate the benefits of futsal. We can show the best coaching ideas and practices, demonstrating a range of practice types, with futsal specific techniques and tactics. We can show you elements of our curriculum and coaching philosophy and help with your coach's understanding of the game.

We can run one-off CPD, presentations, and practical sessions to your  staff. Just contact us to let us know your needs and we'd be happy to help.

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