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GIRLS | Wildcats Sessions Summer 2023

Updated: May 10, 2023

Starting on May 15th, the Aztecs will deliver futsal based Wildcats sessions for girls aged 5-11 at Testlands Wellbeing Hub. In order to play, players have to register both with the FA and with ourselves at Southampton Aztecs.


Testlands Wellbeing Hub, Green Lane, Southampton, SO16 9FQ


Monday evenings, from 18:00 - 19:00, starting on May 15th and going all the way through until August.


Futsal sessions for girls. Futsal is an indoor version of 5v5 football, invented in South America, played all over the world, and credited by my of the world's best players as being fundamental in their development of football. Unlike typical English five-a-side, there are no walls to play the ball off of.

How much?

It's £3 per session, and it is pay as you go. We're limited to thirty places per session, so make sure to book in advance to secure your place! You register via the FA website here. All sessions can be booked via that link. If you can't make some places, that's okay. Come to what you can!

What do we bring?

Football shirt, shorts, long football socks, shinpads, and indoor shoes. Trainers are good, astroturfs are fine, but studded football boots are not allowed because we play on a hard, flat indoor surface. There are futsal specific shoes which can be purchased, if you'd like to buy some.

And if you really want to look the part, why not grab an Aztecs shirt from the club shop? We recommend the red training top!

Who is it for?

Girls. It doesn't matter if you have played football or futsal before. All abilities and experiences are welcome. Everyone can learn and improve. The main thing is making friends and having fun. At times, we may separate for exercises and games based on ability, but that doesn't mean you aren't wanted and aren't part of the group. We need to ensure everyone experiences the appropriate challenge, and that it's not too easy and not too hard.

What are the benefits of futsal?

For one thing, you'll never get rained on, and you'll never go home with muddy kit! Futsal is a very skilful, fast-paced game. There are lots of skills and lots of goals. When it comes to player development, here are some of the main benefits:

  • Nobody is pigeonholed into a position. Formations and shapes are very fluid, with lots of rotations, so players don't get "stuck" in defence like they may in football. Even the goalkeepers come out and get involved!

  • You can't hide. Sometimes in 9v9 or 11v11 it's easy for players to shy away from the game and not be involved. But in futsal, if you're not in position, not doing your bit for the team, you will be exposed!

  • More touches on the ball. Compared to adult eleven-a-side, in futsal players get six times as many touches. Everybody is involved all the time, and you're never more than one pass away from a shot on goal!

  • Rolling subs. As it's a fast-paced game, players will get tired very quickly. The rolling subs allow players to come off and go back on again. Everybody gets plenty of game time.

Have a look at the videos below to see some of these benefits.

Can we try it once and see if we like it?

Yes. You are welcome to come to as many sessions as you like. And if after one you decide futsal is not for you, that's okay! But we're sure you'll love it, and maybe even more than you love football.

What if we really like it and want to do more? Are there teams to join?

The good news is we're in the process of building teams, and hope to have some up and running by September. Please be patient with us as it is starting teams from scratch. There are growing local leagues to play in, and futsal clubs in the area are popping up all the time. We ourselves only started in May 2021. Many futsal competitions are based on two year age bands, and as one of the top women's teams in the country, the FA NFS requirement from September 2024 will be to have academy teams.

On the horizon for us will be U10 and U12 girls teams. And if we don't have anything, we have friends we can recommend you to. However, we will be continuing Wildcats sessions throughout the year.

Who will be coaching?

The coaches will be the same coaches and players you will have seen on BT Sport and YouTube, representing the Aztecs. Our women's players play in the top league in the country, and our men's players are in the third division. Our coaches are highly qualified and very experienced in both futsal and youth development.

Can we stay and watch?

Yes you can! We're lucky at Testlands to have a viewing gallery. We find that if parents are on the sidelines, their presence, and sometimes helpful commentary, can inhibit their children who stay shy and remain in their shells. By not being on the sidelines, we avoid over crowding, remove safety hazards, and allow the kids to be kids, free from parental expectations.

Can you tell me about the equipment? Aren't the balls different?

Futsal balls are heavier and don't bounce like footballs. They have a reduced bounce, and the air sacks are filled with stuffing. Although you still pump them up like regular balls. We'll be predominantly using size two balls, and occasionally size three balls. The goals we will be using will be much smaller too. This all serves to improve control, dribbling, ball manipulation, and accuracy.

Won't 5-11 be a big age difference?

At times it can be. Some games and exercises will be together as group exercises, and many will be split. Depending on how the sessions go, we may consider age, size, and ability when splitting into groups.

How will the sessions work?

Here's what we'll work on;

  • Ball manipulation.

  • Individual ball skills.

  • Dribbling.

  • 1v1.

  • 2v2.

  • 3v3.

Most importantly, we'll play lots of games. Matches are the most fun part, so we'll make sure to do plenty. We will use lots of ball each time, with lots of competitive, opposed games and exercises.

Want to know more about futsal? Have a look at our What Is Futsal? page.

Want to know why everyone thinks futsal is so good for football development? This poster explains!

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