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Match Report: Aztecs 2 v 15 London Helvecia

2nd October 2021: The Aztecs faced a tough match against the reigning champions in their first NFS outing in Bedford.

This was the team to take the court in Bedford.

A real baptism of fire for the team in green. London Helvecia showed us why they are the best club in the country. It took six minutes for Helvecia to open the scoring, and they didn't stop. Even when their lead was unassailable, they didn't let up. This is a team that is talented and relentless, showing the Aztecs the required standard of the national league.

The difference between the sides was clear to see. A well polished outfit versus a brand new contender. Everything was a second quicker, smooth and without hesitation. This isn't to say that the Aztecs are a million miles away. The team is feeling pretty confident, having gone from turn up and play sessions at the end of May, to now competing on the national stage. There is so much room to grow, after having come so far. There are the makings of a good side in Southampton, and it is our intention to close that gap between the top and ourselves.

Captain Kaylee Senter said on Twitter: "Happy with my first assist today in the Women's super series league! This is just the start and many more to come!"

Coach Will Wilson also took to Twitter to say: "Just so you know, these are not excuses. We're happy to know where we stand. We're also happy, despite the loss, that we've gone from pickup sessions in May, to scoring two goals against the best club in England in October. This group is capable of so much. Stick with us."

Becca Moody added: "Got my first goal in the @FA_NFS for @SotonAztecs yesterday. Hopefully many more will come" when sharing her goal, which now has 264 views on the club's official Twitter page.

The first goal for the Aztecs in the NFS was scored by Kath Heath, assisted by Kayleigh Tonks and Lauren Sayler.

The second goal came from Becca Moody, finishing well from a Kaylee Senter free-kick. Credit must be given to Kath Heath for the decoy run.

The Aztecs are in action again next Saturday the 9th of October at 16:30 versus Coventry Futsal Club. The game will take place at the University of Wolverhampton and will be broadcast on BT Sport. We hope to know you're cheering on the greens via the hashtag #VamosAztecs.

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