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MEN | Match Report: Aztecs 2 v 14 Dynamo Tekkers

5th of March 2023: A depleted Aztecs team suffer heavily.

With plenty of players missing for various reasons, the Aztecs take a pounding. Esteban Makoly in goal, and coach Will Wilson laces up the boots.

One sub and an outfielder in goal can be a recipe for disaster. At least this game was effectively a dead rubber as both teams have qualified to the playoffs due to Compton and Sussex dropping out of the league.

The one positive from this performance was a chance to see the goalkeeping skills of Esteban Makoly, who was voted player of the match.

Enjoy the full game below.

Here are the two Aztecs goals to enjoy.

Regarding home games, the Aztecs will now be playing games at Testlands Wellbeing Hub. If you want to know where and when the games are, you can check our schedule here.

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