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MEN | Match Report: Aztecs 2 v 19 Southampton Athletic

25th of September 2022: Lots of lessons to be learned from the first competitive LNFS match for our new men's side.

These are the nine that wore the green with pride in our inaugural LNFS match.

Excited to finally get started after beginning only three months ago.

Playing against a vastly superior opponent was clear to see from early on. From organisation, shape, routines, to fitness and speed of thought. This was a talented, experienced team, with players who have been playing futsal for years, versus a team only three months old, with many who are new to futsal.

We will catch up. There is much to work on. We have a talented bunch, who are driven, and are good people on the inside. We know the future will be bright. It may take several more difficult days like this one, but we'll get there.

Ryan Brewster pulled off several great saves, and deserves a lot of credit for his perseverance. At least the other players got to sub out and take a break from the drubbing.

Enjoy some of the photos taken!

Watch the highlights here. Our camera didn't get everything we wanted. Just as well, really!

It's good to finally get started, and we hope for better results in the coming matches. If you want to know where and when the games are, you can check our schedule here.

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