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MEN | Match Report: Aztecs 2 v 24 Southampton Athletic

7th of January 2023: A terrible defeat to city rivals in the first game of the new year.

Sandro Park comes in as goalkeeper.

From the way the Aztecs started the game, anyone who saw the first five minutes of the game would be shocked to learn the team in red were destroyed 24-2. The Aztecs raced to the lead, and were looking like scoring a second. Even at 1-1 and 1-2 the Aztecs had chances. And yet, the floodgates opened, and only the referee's whistle could close them. After around fifteen goals, Park took an elbow to the face and could not complete the game. Captain Sean Dye took the goalkeeping responsibilities and made some decent saves.

Alberto was fantastic at the back, controlling the game and dominating his opponents.

Enjoy some of the photos taken!

Enjoy the full game below.

Enjoy the two goals from Alberto Mbuna!

Not a great start to 2023. Back to basics for the side who are yet to pick up league points. If you want to know where and when the games are, you can check our schedule here.

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