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MEN | Match Report: Aztecs 5 v 7 Compton

11th of December 2022: A depleted Aztecs team push Compton to the end.

Mamadou Sané, Laurynas Jonaitis, Sean Dye, and Ryan Brewster out. Debuts for Antonio Ramos and Renato Bengo.

Similar to the last encounter with Compton, the visitors took the lead and were flying ahead. The Aztecs were 4-1 down at half-time, and pulled it back to 4-4. Again, Compton put themselves ahead to 6-4, which was then pulled back to 6-5.

The Aztecs were on the ascendency, with only a few minutes remaining, when something completely baffling and unprecedented happened. The buttons on the Sparsholt scoreboard are notoriously sticky, and the goal and foul count regularly has to be amended. The game stopped, and the Compton players claimed they were winning 7-5. The referee dismissed it initially, and said the scoreboard was correct at 6-5. The Compton players insisted, and the referee then changed his mind, awarding an extra goal to Compton that they did not score. The full exchange can be viewed in the full match video on YouTube. With the game now 7-5 to Compton, and the Aztecs frustrated and bewildered by the at best, incredible incompetence, or at worst, blatant cheating, Compton scored another goal in the dying moments. The game finished as 7-5 to Compton, but has been incorrectly officially recorded as 8-5.

We now take a few weeks off over Christmas, and look forward to a big January with four games on the way.

Alberto was fantastic at the back, controlling the game and dominating his opponents.

Enjoy some of the photos taken!

Enjoy the full game below.

Enjoy the action in the highlights below!

This was our last match of 2022. It's been a rough start for the Aztecs in our men's inaugural season. However, we have a good bunch of players who are also good people. The future is bright, and we can't wait to get back to business in January. If you want to know where and when the games are, you can check our schedule here.

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