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WOMEN | Match Report: Aztecs 1 v 9 Birmingham WLV

3rd December 2022: Another poor display from the Aztecs up in Chester.

Laura Ingram and Amy Maidment out and Leah Harris in.

Another poor display from the Aztecs, which is in stark contrast to the recent outing against Birmingham only a few short weeks ago, where they gave the champions a run for their money. Good in parts, the difference between the top and bottom of the league is the consistency. Southampton have shown promise and resolve, but the top teams get to where they are through ruthless efficiency.

This team has a lot to learn, but still has a lot to come.

Rebecca Moody earned player of the match, scoring a goal and leading the team.

Watch the highlights back here.

View the whole match below.

Enjoy these photos from the game.

The scores from the day of games.

London Helvecia 8 - 2 Cheshire

Southampton Aztecs 1 - 9 Birmingham WLV

Hartpury 1 - 6 Bloomsbury

Cheshire have since pulled out of the league. How this affects the remaining games for the season, we do not know yet.

The Aztecs will be travelling the length and breadth of England. Be sure to check our schedule to see when the team will be playing near you.

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