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Just Play Futsal Sessions - Adult recreational sessions throughout the summer

Come join us throughout summer 2023 as we run our casual Just Play Sessions!

What? Just play, recreational futsal sessions for adults. Pick teams and play!

Where? Testlands Hub.

When? Monday nights. Women at 19:00 and Men at 20:30.

Why? Keep fit, make new friends, try a new sport, improve your football, score lots of goals.

Who is it for? Footballers with limited futsal experience, looking for low commitment opportunities to play futsal in a friendly environment.

How much? It's £5 per session, and it's pay as you go.

How can I register?

First, you need to register with the FA, which you can do here.

Then you need to pay for your session. We try to run this as cheaply as possible, but this only works if everyone pays.

All sessions are available on the Aztecs site.

Register in advance so we know how many people are coming. Places are limited, and we'd hate for you to miss out.

How does it work?

Turn up and play. We'll do a warm-up, maybe a couple basic exercises to extend the warm-up, and gain familiarity with the ball and some other ideas, and then we'll pick teams and play games.

What do I need to bring?

Bring indoor shoes. Futsal shoes if you can get them, but you'll be fine in astroturf boots and regular trainers. Definitely turn up looking like a footballer, wearing your favourite shirt. Make sure to bring plenty to drink as you'll be sweating a lot. Shinpads are optional as these are formal games for adults.

Will it be okay to go if I don't know anybody else?

Not a problem. One of the purposes from these sessions is to make friends. It will be a stress-free, relaxed environment, with the main objective being to have fun.

Can I still play if I've not played futsal before?

Absolutely. This is aimed at beginners. Futsal is still an emerging sport in England, and we want to expose it to players with little to no experience. Regardless of your prior level of football, you are invited to come along. You might see the odd face from one of our teams making up the numbers, but they will be there to help others learn and play. Nobody will be getting smashed by high level futsal players.

What if I like it and want to take it more seriously?

We have men's and women's teams that compete in leagues, and will be starting official training and running trials at the end of July. If you like it, come along!

I see the sessions stop at the end of July. What if I want to do more Just Play sessions?

Our intention is to offer Just Play sessions all year round. If they prove popular enough, we will book more sessions and continue.

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