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Southampton Youth Futsal League

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

In partnership with Learning Through Sport, we can announce that the Southampton Youth Futsal League will be up and running for the 2023/24 season. The start date will be in October, and we plan to run until May.

Here's the important information you need to know:

Where? Oasis Academy Mayfield.

When? Thursday evenings.

Who can enter? Any youth team within the area.

Which age groups? U8, U10, U12, U14 (Futsal ages work within two year age bands).

Girls or boys? Predominantly boys to begin with, however girls teams are welcome to join.

How often? Likely to have one game every three weeks.

More questions.

Will there be qualified referees?

Yes. All games will be officiated by a qualified futsal referee.

How much flexibility is there?

Regarding age groups, our aim is to ensure all games are reasonably competitive. So teams can move up or down, if the situation permits it. For example, a U13 team that is struggling may play in the U12 group.

How serious is the registration?

We will be using the FA's Whole Game System and all your players must be registered to your club.

What are the rules?

We will play standard FIFA futsal rules. The only difference is there will be no stop clock.

What is the format?

The games will kick off on the hour, with two halves of twenty-five minutes, no stopping. A short break for half-time, with a change of ends. As this is a completely new league, there may not be any league tables initially. However, we endeavour to have all teams playing challenging and competitive games on a regular basis. It is our intention to end the season with some kind of play-off style event. Much of this is difficult to answer as we are treading new ground, but it is likely teams will play each other two or three times within a six team league, before finishing with a play-off.

Do we have to be a futsal club to enter?

No. Any football or futsal team can enter.

I like the idea, but we know nothing about futsal. What can we do?

In addition to some of the free FA courses and CPD events, the Southampton Aztecs also run an online coaches community. This is an area where coaches can network, share ideas, learn about the game, and view resources. It is free to enter. You can reach out to futsal coaches, and attend sessions and games of local teams, especially the Aztecs, who are always happy to share and grow the game. Join the Solent Futsal Coaches Community here.

How will it look on the night?

A typical league night will consist of three one hour bookings, with each game taking part during one slot. Each age group will play one evening, rotating through U8, U10, U12, U14, and then back to U10. So imagine it looking something like this...


18:00 Rovers v City

19:00 United v Town

20:00 Wanderers v Albion

Okay. We're keen to get involved. Now what?

If you'd like to be part of this, fill out your details here. And then please make sure to like, follow, and share our social media pages

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