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Summer Futsal Development Centre - Bursledon

What: An hour of futsal training and games designed to improve football ability.

Where: Bursledon Junior School.

When: Tuesday evenings starting June 6th.

How much: £4 per session.

Bring: Your favourite football shirt, shinpads, and plenty to drink.

Who: Girls and boys aged 8-14.

Do you want to improve your football ability during the off-season? Futsal is an excellent tool for creating skilful, intelligent, creative footballers. These sessions are for boys and girls, regardless of whether they play for a club already, regardless of whether they have played futsal before. Do you want to join the futsal revolution?

The age groups align with the 2022/23 season, so a U12 for this past year should register with U12s for these futsal sessions. Futsal typically operates in two year age bands, meaning U10 is for U10 and U9 players. U11 players would register as U12, and U13 players would register as U14. In England, this is done due to lower participation rates in futsal, whereas in Spain, players of this age are grouped in two year age bands because it acts as almost a form of bio-banding. For the first year, the player may be one of the smallest physically, and learns to cope against bigger, stronger players. In the second year, the player is more mature, and learns leadership skills.

Why futsal?

The above poster speaks for itself. Futsal is all of the good bits of football, but more frequent!

Let's show you instead. Enjoy this compilation of goals.

What do you need to know?

Starting June 6th and finishing August 29th. These one hour Tuesday night sessions will feature a series of futsal games and exercises to enhance your player's development. Futsal greatly improves passing, control, ball skills, intelligence, decision making, tactical understanding, dribbling, and 1v1 defending.

These sessions are for boys and girls, and are supplemental, meaning that anyone can come, regardless of registration with other clubs. There are thirteen sessions, with the timings being below;

18:00 - U10 Boys and Girls

19:00 - U12 Boys and Girls

20:00 - U14 Boys and Girls

Futsal works in two year age bands, and we will be working off the 2022/23 season, so a U10 player from September 2022 to May 2023 would register as a U10. A U11 player from September 2022 to May 2023 would be part of the U12 group.

Unlike real futsal, the sessions will be on grass, but during the summer months, the ground is typically hard enough to sufficiently replicate the surface of a futsal court. We will use futsal balls, futsal sized goals, and train futsal ideas and concepts, playing futsal rules, lead by qualified futsal coaches.

Make sure to bring appropriate footwear, shinpads, and plenty to drink!

What are the benefits of futsal?

  • Futsal improves game intelligence.

  • Futsal improves 1v1 skills.

  • Futsal improves creativity.

  • Futsal has more engagement and touches on the ball.

  • Futsal improves ball control.

  • Futsal is very physically demanding and a great workout.

  • Futsal improves your agility, balance, and strength.

  • Futsal is 5v5 so players cannot hide.

  • Futsal is indoor so not affected by the weather.

  • Futsal games are high scoring.

  • Futsal goals are more narrow than typical five-a-side goals, improving finishing technique.

  • Futsal has rolling subs.

  • Futsal has a four second restart rule which eliminates time wasting.

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