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WOMEN | Match Report: Aztecs Reserves 6 v 3 Rushmoor

8th April 2023: The Aztecs come out on top in a friendly against Rushmoor.

Bronwyn Thubron returns after injury, and Beth Anderson makes her first appearance in Aztecs colours. Lauren Sayler gets some time on the court while Mo Delaney plays the whole game between the sticks. Moody receives some more minutes as she recovers to full fitness, and teenagers Hannah Walker, Leah Harris, and Ruby Allen join Amy Maidment in completing the squad.

A very bright future for the Aztecs with the skill and intelligence on display from the youngsters in this game. Seventeen year-old Hannah Walker was dictating the game, Leah Harris and Ruby Allen breezing past opponents as if they were cones, and Mo Delaney confident and competent in the goal. Some great attacking play from Southampton, who dominated possession, and would have scored plenty more if it weren't for a great display from the Rushmoor keeper.

Sixteen year-old Ruby Allen provided an assist and created plenty of attacks, which is why she was voted as player of the match.

View the whole match below.

Have a look at the six Aztecs goals below.

Enjoy these photos from the game taken by the great Sheena Booker.

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